Kids In Connection offers one day workshops for schools, these can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school community and can cover a range of topics.
Shared Wisdom Cross- Generational Forum

The Shared Wisdom Cross-Generational Forum brings together students from Years 4-6 and adults from the local community to participate in a day that promotes cross-generational discussions, building of relationships and sharing of wisdom.
This program recognises the importance of opening up a meaningful dialogue between the different generations and understanding that there is much wisdom that can be shared both ways. 
Themes that can be covered in this day are:
  • Gender stereotypes and the impact on wellbeing,
  • Sharing of lived experiences and the life lessons gained,
  • Reflection on the important values that help create community,
  • Building understanding through opening up conversations and sharing of ideas and perspectives.
If you would like to book this forum for your school please contact us for further information.