Kids In Connection offers personal development, health and wellbeing  programs that encompass support for children's social and emotional wellbeing, health and development. 

These programs are in line with the PDHPE syllabus and are tailored to meet the specific learning needs of the class cohort. The school programs are delivered by Kristy Wood, a teacher experienced in delivering social and emotional wellbeing programs to children in primary schools.

Kids In Connection recognises the importance of the partnership between the school, staff and families and the impact this can have on the child's development of positive health behaviour and attitudes. Our programs offer the opportunity for parent engagement through offering parent workshops and discussion evenings in conjunction with the school based programs for children.

Media Education Program

Supporting the understanding and development of building a healthy relationship with the online world.

Supporting young people to develop confidence and a steady foundation within themselves as they transition to this new phase in their lives.

Transition to High School Program

A program to build the skills to form healthy, caring and connected relationships with others.

Building Healthy Relationships Program

A program to support children to express their ideas, thoughts, feelings and insights about our world and their place within in.

My World and Me Program