Kids In Connection offers programs that work to build, enhance and develop school community. When parents, teachers and the community are connected and united this fosters a proactive, warm and engaging culture within the school and community that enhances outcomes for children and supports their engagement in school.


Our approach is one that empowers children and utilises their ideas as a catalyst for developing whole school initiatives that bring teachers, children, families and communities together.

Whole School Programs and School Community events and services offered by

Kids In Connection include:

  • Whole School Wellbeing Programs
    Developed in collaboration with the school staff and community to address identified areas and learning goals and which also incorporate PDHPE learning outcomes. These can be run in conjunction with parent discussion evenings.


  • Parent Discussion Evenings on topics related to:

    • Supporting the social and emotional development of children in today's times

    • Raising confident children in a technological age

    • Transitioning to school 

    • Transitioning and supporting your child as they enter the teen years

    • What children are asking for- the importance of connecting with your children

    • Supporting your child to build confidence in themselves and helping them with the foundations for building supportive friendships

    • Raising responsible children

    • Developing healthy limits with media

    • Building family connection

    • Setting boundaries and building self responsibility

    • Self care for parents- putting you in the picture


  • Mother/Daughter and Father/Son Nights or Family Nights 
    These nights foster a great sense of school community while also supporting children to develop their self esteem and confidence by feeling nurtured and knowing they are valued.

  • School Community Events
    Kids In Connection can work with senior students to support them to develop an idea for a school community event. We can then work with the students to develop and deliver this event for the school community.


  • Family Games Nights 
    An informal way to support families to get to know each other and also further foster connections between school staff and families.


  • Story Telling Nights where families come together and listen to social stories acted out that they can further discuss and talk about in the home.


  • School Videos and Promotional Material
    We can work with your school to develop school videos that highlight and celebrate the school community, students and teachers.

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