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Kids In Connection recognises the importance of teachers working together, sharing ideas, supporting one another and collaborating. We offer professional development and workshops for teachers in the following areas:
  • Understanding, observing & responding to children's behaviour
  • Developing supportive classroom environments that nurtures student wellbeing
  • Working with a strengths based approach to building behaviours
  • Establishing boundaries that support class connectedness
  • Relationships Based Education
  • Building two-way relationships with parents
  • Developing a supportive school culture
  • Working with and engaging the community in school life
  • Supporting children to develop self responsibility and independence
  • The importance of playfulness in learning
  • Developing school-wide wellbeing programs
If you would like Kids In Connection to present a tailor made workshop to your school, you can contact Kristy-


Setting Boundaries to
Build Behaviour
Teacher Workshop
28th April Melbourne
Setting Boundaries to
Build Behaviour
Teacher Workshop
2nd June Brisbane