My World and Me Program


Kids in Connection is offering uniquely designed class lessons  of the ‘My World and Me’ Program. This program looks at topics such as:

  • Growing and dealing with change,

  • Making your own choices,

  • Feeling confident in who you are,

  • Recognising what you have to offer,

  • Becoming your own person in the world,

  • Finding your voice and sharing your ideas with others,

These lessons are a time for the children to come together, connect as a group and share their experiences, understandings and feelings through a sensitively facilitated discussion.

The program is designed in collaboration with the children and teachers. It is based on what the children bring to the discussions and the topics they want to explore. This makes the program owned by the children and is then more meaningful and relevant to them as it is based on their life, their experiences and their world.

Today more then ever, children need to be given the time and space to express how they are feeling. Our pace of life has become busier and the world of the child has changed. They need to be given the support to navigate their way and understand themselves and those around them in this fast changing world.

Process for this program:

  • Kristy will meet with the classroom teacher/s and relevant staff to discuss the needs of the group and identify the specific outcomes and objectives for the class cohort.

  • Kristy will provide four 1 hour sessions to the class of students with the teacher observing, participating and co-facilitating. (This can be altered to suit the schools needs)

  • After each session Kristy will meet with the classroom teacher to share ideas and reflect on how this discussion can be incorporated into the week and further expanded on in following sessions.

  • Kristy will provide support to the teacher to run ongoing sessions with the class to continue to encourage children to express how they are feeling and build the class community.

Years:                           2-6

Duration:                     4 x one hour class sessions

Group Size:                Class size (up to 32)

Cost:                            Contact for further information

Venue Requirements:

  • A space that is quiet with minimal interruptions or background noise so that group discussions can take place.

  • A space large enough to sit the group in a circle

  • A chair for each student

  • Large whiteboard


* Please enquire for larger group sizes or alternative durations