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Teacher Workshop Melbourne

Saturday 28th April 2018

presented by Kristy Wood


This workshop explores the importance of building communities within classrooms to create a culture that nurtures, values, supports and develops each child. We will look at how we can develop boundaries within a classroom that work to build on each child's strengths, develop their ability to problem solve and encourage self-responsibility and independence.

The workshop will offer a very practical and common sense approach to working with children and understanding behaviour. Through the practical discussions it will support teachers to gain a deeper understanding of what drives student behaviours and through this offer a greater perspective and insight into how we can work in collaboration with students to encourage them to build more supportive behaviours.

This workshop will cover:

  • Exploring the bigger picture: taking a step back and looking at the overall picture of what is going on and the ways in which we can support the development of students. From here we can then develop the practical steps that we can take to start to build a cohesive classroom environment.

  • Looking at the importance of developing real and meaningful connections with students and how this is a key foundation to growing them as people.

  • Understanding student behaviour and what can impact on the way students behave and learning how to address this.

  • The importance of working in collaboration with colleagues to set the tone of a school, develop boundaries and create a safe, purposeful, fun and engaging learning environment for every student.

  • Exploring the importance of holding caring and consistent boundaries that support children to develop skills for life while also equally  increasing the sense of fun, connection and playfulness in schools and looking at how discipline and connection work hand in hand.

  • Looking at how focusing on the student and not on their behaviours can help to support them to transform their behaviour and develop greater confidence in themselves.

Time:                     9:00am- 12:00pm

What to bring:    Notepad & pens

Cost:                    $90 Teachers, $40 student teachers

Venue:                  T.B.A

Bookings will be confirmed once all payments have been made.

For enquire contact


The Connected Classrooms worskhops should be a mandatory part of any education if you work with or are planning on working with children. The discussion generated was interesting and the activities touched on are simple yet powerful.

Megan O'Meara, Deputy Principal

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