Media Education Program

The Media Education program provides the space for children to discuss and develop an awareness of the responsibility we all have when engaging with media. This program starts by exploring how, why and when we use different forms of media. It supports children to build their awareness of how media can support them and how it can also influence or impact how they feel about themselves and the world. This program provides children with the opportunity to express what is important to them in relation to how we interact and communicate with one another in the online world and what they observe and experience through media.

Through expressing their own ideas, feelings and life experiences students are then able to work together to draw on their own wisdom of how they can develop a healthy relationship with and awareness and discernment of media in their world and use it in ways that support the building of healthy communities.


  • V1- Refers to a sense of their own worth and dignity

  • V4- Increasingly accepts responsibility for personal and community health

  • COS 3.1 Communicates confidently in a variety of settings

  • DMS 3.2 Makes informed decisions and accepts responsibility for consequences

  • IRS 3.11 Describes roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships

  • SLS 3.13 Describes safe practices that are appropriate to a range of situations

Session One

COS 3.1, SLS 3.13

In this session we explore the role that media plays in our daily lives. We look at the different forms of media and how we consume and interact with it and the impact this can have in positive and negative ways.


Session Two

V4, COS 3.1, DMS 3.2, IRS 3.11

In this session we explore and discuss the different messages we can receive through media and look at the impact that this has on individuals and the community. We look at what forms healthy media and what is unhealthy media.

Session Three

V4, COS 3.1, DMS 3.2, SL 3.13

In this session we look at the way we communicate online. We look at the power of our words and how we can choose to use words in a way that enhances and grows people or how we can choose to use words in ways that harm. Students explore what can influence the way people choose to engage online, the pressures they may feel and the impact of their choices.

Session Four

V1, V4, COS 3.1, DMS 3.2, IRS 3.11, SLS 3.13

In this session students discuss what they feel are the important aspects for building community. They then work in groups to develop a set of guidelines that they would put in place if they were the designer of an online interactive forum.  Students also develop an online advertisement that they feel helps to contribute to the building of a healthy community and healthy concepts.

Session Five

V1, V4, COS 3.1, IRS 3.11

In this session students pick an audience and design a healthy message that they would share with this audience. They can choose the style and type of media they would use to share their message with their intended audience.

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This program is designed to support students to:

  • Explore the different types of media they engage with and the way in which people use and interact with it (this includes watching content online, gaming, advertisements, social media, television and other forms of media).

  • Reflect on how images and content online can influence and impact how they view themselves and the world.

  • Reflect on the images, content and messages they receive through media, develop an understanding of what can drive these messages, look at how it can influence and impact on people and explore how they feel about these messages.

  • Learn to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in relation to the online world and their experiences of this.

  • Develop their own ideas about what forms the foundation for healthy media and a healthy relationship with different forms of media.


Years:                            5-6

Duration:                     3 hour workshop or can be expanded into a 5 week program of 50 mins per                                                  week

Group Size:                 Class size (up to 32)

Cost:                             $400 for half day workshop

                                        Price varies according to location for 5 week program


Venue Requirements:

  • A space that is quiet with minimal interruptions or background noise so that group discussions can take place.

  • A space large enough to sit the group in a circle

  • A chair for each student


* Please enquire for larger group sizes or alternative durations