Kids in Connection offers programs that support children to develop confidence in themselves while providing opportunities for them to connect and make new friends in a supportive and caring environment.
The Kids In Connection holiday programs work with children in a way that appreciates every child for who they are, and encourages them to do the same. The programs support children to learn to value what they have to offer in an environment that is fun, inclusive and focused on supporting every child to shine.
Our philosophy is that children have a lot to offer and when they are given the opportunity to share their insights, wisdom, skills and understandings they flourish. Our programs are designed to support children to have purpose and know that what they have to offer is valued.
Our holiday programs are about giving children a purpose and encouraging them to develop skills for life. We find that when children are respected, valued and have purpose they have an amazing capacity to work, learn, focus, collaborate and be productive. While each program has an overriding focus there is space within the program for the children to develop it, mould it, bring their ideas to it and make it theirs.

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