Building Healthy Relationships Program

This program focuses on exploring the ways in which we relate with each other. Students look at and share what they feel helps to develop supportive relationships with others.  They will also reflect on what can get in the way of this and cause conflicts or challenges in relationships.

We take a light-hearted approach to looking at how we can react or respond in situations and what plays out as a result of the different choices we can make. The focus of this program is in looking at the personal responsibility we have in each moment and interaction with others and how we choose to express ourselves.

We also draw on the children's wisdom and experience to explore some of the keys for building supportive relationships and what they have found works.


  • V1– Refers to a sense of their own worth and dignity

  • V2– Respects the right of others to hold different values and attitudes from their own

  • V3– Enjoys a sense of belonging

  • COS 2.1 – Uses a variety of ways to communicate with and within groups

  • COS 3.1 – Communicates confidently in a variety of situations

  • INS 2.3 – Makes positive contributions in group activities

  • INS 3.3 – Acts in ways that enhance the contribution of self and others in a range of cooperative situations

  • PSS 2.5– Uses a range of problem-solving strategies

  • PSS 3.5 – Suggests, considers and selects appropriate alternatives when resolving problems

Session One

V2, V3, INS 2.3, INS 3.3, IRS 2.11, IRS 3.11

Why are relationships important? What builds relationships?

In this session we support the students to express why relationships and connections with others are important to them. We look at what builds the foundation for supportive relationships (this includes with family, friends, class mates and others we have a relationship with).

Session Two

V2, V3, INS 2.3, INS 3.3, PSS 2.5, PSS 3.5

Challenges and Conflicts:

In this session we explore what can cause challenges and conflicts in relationships. Students are given a range of scenarios to explore and look for the potential conflicts or challenges that could arise in each situation and discuss why they think these could occur.

Session Three

V2, V3, COS 2.1, COS 3.1, INS 2.3, INS 3.3, PSS 2.5, PSS 3.5, IRS 2.11, IRS 3.11

Reacting or Responding:

In this session we explore how we all experience situations that we might find challenging. We look at how in each situation we can choose to either respond or react. This session is a light-hearted look at some situations that could happen in friendships, why these might happen, the different choices we can make in each situations and the impact of each choice.

Session Four

V1, V2, V3, INS 2.3, INS 3.3, PSS 2.5, PSS 3.5, IRS 2.11, IRS 3.11

The Kids Manual:

In this session students work together to develop a manual with tips for how they can handle different situations. This can be developed into a class booklet or a series of wall posters. It draws on the students knowledge and interest as a way to form, strengthen and build class community.

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This program is designed to support students to:

  • Express what is important to them in their relationships with others.

  • Explore dynamics that can occur in friendships and understand why and how these happen.

  • Develop ways for looking at how to bring understanding to situations.

  • Identify ways that we can either respond or react to different situations and explore the consequences and impact of the choices we make.

  • Share ideas for how we can build more supportive relationships with others and learn to express how we are feeling in ways that build the relationship.

  • Reflect on how our relationship with ourselves and how we feel about ourselves can influence how we relate with others.

Years:                            3-6

Duration:                     3 hour workshop or 4 x 45 min sessions

Group Size:                  Class size (up to 32)

Cost:                              $400 for 2 hour workshop

                                          Price varies according to location for 4 session program


Venue Requirements:

  • A space that is quiet with minimal interruptions or background noise so that group discussions can take place.

  • A space large enough to sit the group in a circle

  • A chair for each student

  • Large whiteboard


* Please enquire for larger group sizes or alternative durations