Transition to High School Program

This program recognises that transitioning into high school and the teen years is a time of significant change for young people. This workshop provides the opportunity for young people to discuss and explore some of the changes that are occurring within their life and to reflect and express their thoughts and feelings about this time of change.


The focus of this program is to support students' social and emotional wellbeing by working with them to identify their qualities and strengths. The program incorporates group work and encouraging students to explore what each person brings and offers to the class cohort and how their personal skills and qualities are appreciated by and inspire others.


Students are supported to explore how they would like their teen years to be and the steps that they can put in place to support themselves in building the foundation to have a solid sense of self and be confident in who they are and how they express themselves in the world.


  • V1- Refers to a sense of their own worth and dignity

  • V2- Respects the right of others to hold different values and attitudes from their own

  • V6- Commits to realising their full potential

  • INS 3.3 Acts in ways that enhance the contribution of self and others in a range of cooperative situations

  • GDS 3.9 Explains and demonstrates strategies for dealing with life changes

  • DMS 3.2 Makes informed decisions and accepts responsibility for consequences

  • IRS 3.11 Describes roles and responsibilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships

Session One

V1, V2, V6, GDS 3.9, DMS 3.2

In this session we explore the teenage years. We look at what it means to be a teenager, some of the stereotypes that exist around teenagers and what the students feel is true for them. Students start to discuss what they would like for themselves in their teen years, what is important to them and the qualities that they would like to hold as an adult.


Session Two

V1, V2, V6, INS 3.3, GDS 3.9

Strengths and Qualities: Being solid in yourself

This session draws on the insights of the whole group to support each student to identify their strengths and qualities. We look at how you can build on these and also areas you would like to further develop and how you can be inspired by and learn from others.

Session Three

V4, COS 3.3, DMS 3.2, SL 3.13

Taking the Next Steps-

In this session students explore and discuss the changes they are about to experience, how they feel about them and the ways they can support themselves during these times of change.

We look at the importance of building and maintaining quality connections with others, developing awareness for how you are feeling, learning to ask for support and how to communicate this with others.

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This program is designed to support students to:

  • Explore some of the images they see around what it means to be a teenager

  • Share their thoughts and feelings around what they would like for themselves in their teen years and beyond

  • Look at how they can support themselves as they make this transition and the importance of building and maintaining quality connections with others

  • Learning how to ask for support and being aware of how they are feeling and how they can communicate this to others

  • Identify and appreciate their strengths and qualities and look at how they can build on these to develop greater confidence in themselves

Years:                           6

Duration:                     1 day workshop

Group Size:                 Class size (up to 32)

Cost:                            $600

Venue Requirements:

  • A space that is quiet with minimal interruptions or background noise so that group discussions can take place.

  • A space large enough to sit the group in a circle

  • A chair for each student

  • Large whiteboard


* Please enquire for larger group sizes or alternative durations