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Kids In Connection Director, Kristy Wood is a primary school teacher who has a wealth of experience working with children. She has worked in a variety of settings from schools in remote communities to schools in rural and metropolitan areas all over Australia.

Kristy’s love of children and her care and commitment to their wellbeing has been the foundation of all her work. Kristy has a sense of fun and playfulness and a deep appreciation for the joy that children bring. Kristy fosters this love of life in a way that gives children the space to express themselves and have fun while also learning to relate to others and develop self responsibility within a group environment.

Kristy Wood works with whole school communities working in collaboration with teachers, parents and children to develop and run school wellbeing programs.


She also guest lectures to undergraduate students at a number of Universities supporting them to:

  • understand the importance of building strong relationships with students,

  • explore and develop understanding of children’s behaviour and ways to address this,

  • learn to build a supportive classroom environment and the importance of consistency, boundaries and connection,

  • nurture the social and emotional wellbeing of children,

  • understand the importance of teacher wellbeing and self care.


Kristy offers a broad experience and understanding of issues impacting on children today and the level of support they need in these ever changing times.


Her experience includes:

  • Working as a youth worker in a suicide prevention program in Broome and the surrounding Indigenous communities

  • Working as a classroom teacher and wellbeing teacher in a rural, remote and metropolitan schools

  • Presenting at national conferences on child wellbeing, school support programs and teacher wellbeing

  • Facilitating and running children's recreational camps and programs that foster child wellbeing, team work, leadership and collaboration

  • Working as a house parent at a boarding school for Indigenous students from remote communities 

  • Facilitating transition to school early intervention preschool programs

  • Providing recreation and other support programs for refuge children and their families

  • An AUSTSWIM teacher, hockey, athletics and surfing coach, and

  • On going involvement in a number of community initiatives that support the wellbeing of children and young people.


Dear Principal,

We had been intending to write this letter to you for some time. We have two boys at your school, one of our sons has just completed Year 2 with Ms Kristy Wood.

And Ms Wood is the reason we write, with good reason! Ms Wood is an outstanding teacher. It is as simple as that. The progress she has made with our son, from the beginning of the year, when he had persistent behavioural issues which were preventing him from really shining and developing, she took on in partnership with us, and now at the end of the year, he has received a fine school report.

The dedication, commitment, humour and ability to think laterally without using obvious carrot/stick approaches, mark her as being one of those rare teachers who can actually change people’s lives for the better.

In everything she does, it is with a slightly unconventional approach, the most recent being the wonderful Christmas Concert for the Year 2’s with the appearance of the camels, which just about brought the house down, let alone the challenge she took on with staging the Year 2 production and the outstanding success it was.

I hope Ms Wood is supported with all her wishes and ideas for the future and education. She is a fine teacher for children, and we think ourselves fortunate to have had her teach our son. When we asked him what he thought of Ms Wood, he gave a big smile, thought about it, and just said ‘Great!’. And I think that says it all.


From two very happy parents

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