Kids In Connection supports children to build confidence in themselves, value who they are and build connections with others.


In today's world we are seeing escalating rates of anxiety, depression, disconnect and a rise in behavioural and other conditions increasingly present in the childhood years. Children today are growing up in a fast changing world and they need support to navigate their way. To be able to do this they need to know who they are and feel confident in themselves. This requires parents, teachers and the community coming together to nurture, raise and support the development of children.


Kids In Connection recognises that each child first and foremost needs to be connected to, listened to, encouraged and appreciated so that they have a strong sense of self, value who they are and know the quality of supportive relationships.


Kids In Connection offers:


Programs for Children

These programs are diverse and cover a range of topics of interest to children from girls groups to team building games, arts & crafts, cooking, swimming, science activities, creative play, movie making and more.

At the foundation, these programs are designed to:

  • Support children to feel confident in themselves.

  • Encourage children to express themselves and share their ideas and interests with others.

  • Support children to work together, learn from one another and value each other.

  • Have fun and build connections with others.

These programs for children run after school and during the school holidays.


Professional Development

Kids In Connection offers professional development for schools, teachers, childcare workers, preschool teachers and those who work with children.

These workshops cover a range of topics related to:

  • Understanding children’s behaviour

  • Developing supportive classroom environments

  • Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of children

  • Working in collaboration with students

  • Setting classroom expectations that foster team work, self responsibility and support

  • Implementing caring and consistent boundaries

  • Working in partnership with parents


For Teachers

Kids In Connection offers resources for teachers in the form of  teacher workshops and support.


For more information, or to talk to Kristy Wood about how Kids In Connection can support your school or classroom contact us.